Fashion with a Cause

Fashion is often pinned to sophistication and leisure but throughout time, it’s form and definition has also transcended towards charitable work.  From the heart of fashion capitals to suburban towns, there is fashion that also breathes Life and brings hope to transform lives and communities. To many people, being up to date with the latest fashion builds their self expression and … Read More

Turning Poverty into Empowerment

In the eyes of a hungry child waiting for his jobless mother to bring some food to their shabby little home on the outskirts of the slum, poverty has no mask.  Poverty in the Philippines is a reality that has challenged many Filipino families, and created a cycle of taking serious risks amongst those whose only solution is to hold … Read More

On our journey to Fair Trade

We love the idea of a fairer world in the fashion industry and because of that we loved being a small part in Fashion Revolution week a few weeks ago. We want to stand with others in the industry that also want to see change, so that everyone is getting a fair deal for the work they are doing. We know … Read More

Expanding our vision

It’s 4am and the foyer of the local call centre here in Dumaguete is alive with activity. It’s the Pay Day Bazaar, a twice monthly event where local businesses come and sell their products to the employees of the call centre. Spirited Clothes has a table selling our local Filipino products that we have made in our sewing centre in … Read More

Journey to Asia – Part 3

One of the most amazing things I have seen so far here was when we were getting ready to disembark from the train at the station. In this densely overcrowded carriage, kind strangers removed our heavy luggage from the overhead racks. The funny thing was watching the vendors with their containers of coffee or ‘SOUP! SOUP! SOUP!’ climb over our … Read More

Journey to Asia – Part 2

Karen and I finally got to meet the girls who are working for us. They are beautiful, very gentle, patient and biddable. The girls come from the poor parts of the city. They all have children, one child has a definite handicap from a fall were he broke his hip and it was never properly dealt with. The girls have … Read More

Journey to Asia – Part 1

One of our team has been on the ground in Asia visiting our sewing centres. It’s her first time in Asia and she has been sharing her journey with us at Spirited Clothes so we wanted to share it with you.  Her insights you a good taste of what it’s like to be in Asia so enjoy reading her journey…..   … Read More

Clothing that Changes Lives

Recently, I visited the dumpsite in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines which is home to many families who gain an income from collecting recyclable material such as cardboard on the rubbish dump.  They survive on barely nothing and usually have large families to feed, so you can imagine that many children who live in this community often go hungry. The wonderful people … Read More

The Liora Project is Under Way

Latest News

Day 14 in India ,my feet firmly planted on the ground and The Liora Project is now under way. I have assigned two trusted expert sewers to over see the girls and help train them in the areas of cutting and sewing for the project. Yesterday we sent Kruper ,our interpreter to the red light district with some funds to … Read More

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We’re pretty passionate about what we’re doing because we know we can make a difference in the lives of these women. We get excited when people want to come alongside us and support the vision …