Clothing that Changes Lives

IMG_4931Recently, I visited the dumpsite in Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines which is home to many families who gain an income from collecting recyclable material such as cardboard on the rubbish dump.  They survive on barely nothing and usually have large families to feed, so you can imagine that many children who live in this community often go hungry.

The wonderful people that we are working with in Lapu-Lapu City have run a feeding program in this community for many years, ensuring that at least once a week the children are getting a nutritious meal.  For years, they ran the feeding program out of bamboo building they built on the land they rented.  The building was also used as a church before the owner asked for the land back.  Once the land was given back to the owner, the building was demolished and they lost a place to run the feeding program and children’s activities.  

IMG_1355They found another area of land that they could rent in the community that already had a building built upon it – although it’s in a poor state of repair and isn’t big enough to fit the hundreds of children that gather each week for the feeding program.  Rather than trying to find thousands of dollars to build another building on land that one day will be given back to the owner and will eventually be knocked down, my friends decided to put up a temporary tent-like building built out of steel rods and insulated roofing to keep out the sun and the rain, with fly nets down the sides to keep the flies and mosquitos out.

As this community is close to our hearts here at Spirited Clothes, we decided to use some of our profits from our sales to help build this tent.  Eventually on this site they want to include a vegetable garden, so they can start to grown their own food to help with the feeding program, and also to raise chickens to give them eggs.  We love their vision and their big heart to help this community and are so thankful that we 11008454_10152630342097015_4717996140479986217_ncan, in a small way, be part of the vision to regenerate and improve this community. 

Thank you to each of you who has purchased products from us.  Your purchases have enabled us to help this community, especially the children, with providing a place for the feeding program and regular children’s actives and church.  You are helping to change this community, simply by buying products from us. Thank you 🙂 

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