Fashion with a Cause

Fashion is often pinned to sophistication and leisure but throughout time, it’s form and definition has also transcended towards charitable work. 

From the heart of fashion capitals to suburban towns, there is fashion that also breathes 
Life and brings hope to transform lives and communities. To many people, being up to date with the latest fashion builds their self expression and confidence. Affordable fashion tutorials and tips are available on YouTube channels: It’s just a click and you’ll find fashion that fits your style. Fashion is a big word to define, but its impact is seen across the globe. 

Today, the fashion industry is vastly contributing to the growing movement for social awareness. It channels the cause of needy communities through things like skilled artists selling their artworks to help poor communities. Many clothing lines are designing t-shirts, like a foundation that raised money to support autism awareness through selling t-shirts with the message ‘Believe in yourself”. There are other clothing lines that are using recycling and use of environmentally friendly materials to highlight the environmental impact the clothing industry has on the earth. 

Although everyone can be up to date with the latest fashions, not everyone sees it as a necessity. For many people in the developing world who are living under the poverty line, their thoughts are around daily survival; clothing isn’t much of a priority. But proper clothing is one way to bring out someone’s human dignity. It is the right of each person to have clothing that will protect him or her from sickness and danger.   

When the super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, it was hard for people to restore their hopes; many had lost their property and the lives of the people they love. People from all around the globe extended their finances to reach the poorest of the poor. Almost everyone did something to raise funds for the survivors. A man from Tacloban, one of the places worst affected by the typhoon, who also lost his own home, used his creativity to make inspiring t shirts that show the resilience of the Filipino people. The idea attracted many people to buy a shirt and make a statement that helping one another is an act that will never go out of style.

Another awareness campaign used through fashion was a simple logo produced to call for the urgency to help others. One broadcasting network in the Philippines launched a shirt with a trademark logo. The ‘Tulong na Tabang na Tayo na’ Campaign [Come and help, let’s go!] sold over one million t-shirts in a month!  People were encouraged to buy the shirt and post a photo of themselves wearing the shirt on social media. Celebrities, politicians and social advocates joined the campaign to help people rebuild the life they thought they’ve lost. 

Furthermore, fashion is not just a new gesture to help respond to the needs of the people. Many women and youth in local communities are producing great fashion and stylish product made out of local and natural products. Local designers conduct training for women and mothers to make jewellery, to sew clothing and produce quality bags and souvenir items.

At Spirited clothes, we believe that these types of initiatives that help people have reinvented the word fashion from a sophisticated and stylish word to a much greater cause. Throughout the world, famous fashion designers sell their pieces and donate the proceeds to foundations and communities. 

Through our products, we envision giving children proper clothing, for women to have jobs and for communities to rise towards progress and productivity. We love to work with others as we champion our mission: make it your fashion to help because helping is a strong act that will never go out of style. It’s fresh, trendy and pleasing not just to our eyes but to our soul, heart and spirit.

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