Spirited Clothes is a business committed to helping women who have come out of human trafficking or who are caught in the cycle of poverty.

It all started in June 2012 in a conversation around the kitchen table one Saturday morning. We asked the question “If you could do anything, what would you do?” For both of us the response was the same – To have a business that helped women in other nations who have suffered abuse at the hands of human traffickers have a brighter future by providing a livelihood project that could give them a way of providing for their families. So we both agreed there and then – “Let’s do it!” and Spirited Clothes was born!

In November we set off to India and saw first hand the reality of the lives of many women who had been sold into prostitution – often by husbands, relatives or friends. We heard their stories of abuse, torture and sheer hopelessness as they came to believe that this was going to be their way of life until they died. Thankfully these women had been freed but their scars from the past still remained. Their only wish now is that they would be able to find work to support their families. 

This sealed in our hearts the desire to help them have a life of hope and dignity for their future and their children’s future so we decided to start our first sewing centre in India so we could give them training and a job making clothing and accessories. 

We extended our work to include women who were also living in poverty, seeing the sewing centres as a way of also helping people break free from the cycle of poverty. 

our-story-twoOur work in Asia 

So far we have set up 3 sewing centres in both India and the Philippines. They have been specifically set up to train women how to sew and provide employment to those living in poverty or who have come out of human trafficking. 

These women get paid a living wage and our aim is to put money into local communities to help others increase their standard of living; breaking the cycle of poverty for the generations to come. 

In the future we want to expand the business to more countries, to help more people. 


Thank you for supporting these women by purchasing the products they have made.