The Liora Project is Under Way

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Day 14 in India ,my feet firmly planted on the ground and The Liora Project is now under way.

I have assigned two trusted expert sewers to over see the girls and help train them in the areas of cutting and sewing for the project.
Yesterday we sent Kruper ,our interpreter to the red light district with some funds to buy a girl back her freedom ,he will be joined there by one of the team members ,whom for quite some months has been negotiating the transaction for this girl ,she will be brought by train down to us, then taken care of here until she feels whole again and we can prepare her for her new life,one that is full of hope.

I myself have been busy eating curries and popadoms ,they feel quite comfortable burping after a meal here,still makes me jump out of my seat and I’m really hoping it doesn’t catch on.

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